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Head Unit replacement Solution for Mercedes ML/ GL with MOST Amplifier (Harman Kardon Sound System)


Interface for Mercedes ML or Mercedes GL


This interface is our solution which allows to retain HK (Harman Kardon) sound system while replacing the factory radio with an Alpine Head Unit.

Simple plug and play installation



CAN-Bus and Steering Wheel Remote Control Interface with Vehicle Display Output for Mercedes A-, B-, C-, E-, R- and V-class, Sprinter, ML, GL, CLS and SLK


This interface allows connection of our latest generation Alpine display units (such as iLX-702D, INE-W720D, X803D-U and iLX-F903D) to many Mercedes vehicles as shown below in the features and specifications area.

This makes installation much easier and allows usage of the steering wheel control buttons and vehicle information display with your Alpine product.

Includes steering wheel remote control interface (supplies CAN to analogue conversion for ACC, parking brake, speed pulse, SIRI and OK Google support), Antenna adapter and power quadlock adapter.

Alpine Style for Mercedes | Videos

Alpine Style | Navigation System for Mercedes ML, GL (164), Vito (639, 447) /Viano (639) | Product information videos: sound, rear seat entertainment, DAB+, Bluetooth, Camera

Alpine Style Dealer - Mercedes ML

Find a Alpine Style Store If you want to buy or learn more about Alpine Style vehicle upgrades, get advice on a system that fits your vehicle and receive a professional installation. Only authorized Alpine Style specialist dealers provide: Trained Alpine sales people and installers


Premium Speaker and Subwoofer System upgrade


Premium Speaker System


This premium speaker package includes a front system with soft dome tweeters and large midrange speakers, plus a 20cm high performance subwoofer featuring a vehicle specific housing. All speakers are perfectly matched to the digital amplifier PDP-E310ML for superb audio quality with optimum sound staging. They are also specifically designed to fit in the ML's original speaker and subwoofer locations.

For upgrading the ML (W164) original entry sound system.

Requires PDP-E310ML


Alpine Style Videos | GPS Navigation for Volkswagen (VW Golf 7), Audi (A4, A5,Q5), Mercedes (ML, GL, Vito, Viano) and Fiat Ducato 3 | Product information videos


Mercedes Please select your car Mercedes A-Class (169) 09/2004 - 04/2012 Mercedes B-Class (T245) 06/2005 - 06/2011 Merce


Avoid unnecessary complicated and dangerous situations with your truck, mobile home or campervan due to vehicle specific restrictions and limitations!


Trucking Software for INE-W987D / X800D-U / X800D-ML / X800D-V / X800D-V447 / X800D-S906


TRUCK-G800: Professional Navigation solution for trucks (heavy goods vehicles), mobile homes and caravans.


In case the 30 days free of charge Map Update has been downloaded at and installed on the standard INE-W987D / X800D-U / X800D-ML / X800D-V / X800D-V447 / X800D-S906 devices before installing the TRUCK-G800 product, it will not be offered anymore.

Alternatively, Map Updates for TRUCK-G800 can be purchased.