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USB iPod/iPhone Connection Cable

Required to connect your iPod or iPhone to  INE-W977BT, INE-W970BT,  INE-W928R, INE-W925R, INE-W920R, IVE-W535BT, IVE-W530BT, ICS-X8, ICS-X7, IVA-D511R, IVA-D511RB and IVA-D800R, allowing video playback.

Includes 2m video extension cable.



Multi-Funktion Wireless Remote

Head unit/CAR NAVI/DVD/monitor/TV tuner remote control


Install an Alpine reversing camera with your Fiat Ducato


Camera extension cable for Citroën, Fiat and Peugeot Alpine Style system

This accessory cable was specifically designed for the Alpine Style system for Fiat Ducato. Since the regular camera cable is designed for a passenger car, the 10.5 meter cable length is not enough. This 5 meter cable extends the original camera cable to a total length of over 15 meter.


Avoid unnecessary complicated and dangerous situations with your truck, mobile home or campervan due to vehicle specific restrictions and limitations!


Trucking Software for INE-W987D / X800D-U / X800D-ML / X800D-V / X800D-V447 / X800D-S906

TRUCK-G800: Professional Navigation solution for trucks (heavy goods vehicles), mobile homes and caravans.


In case the 30 days free of charge Map Update has been downloaded at and installed on the standard INE-W987D / X800D-U / X800D-ML / X800D-V / X800D-V447 / X800D-S906 devices before installing the TRUCK-G800 product, it will not be offered anymore.

Alternatively, Map Updates for TRUCK-G800 can be purchased.



Wireless Remote

Head unit remote control for all ‘Remote Ready’ head units

Recommended Accesories:

By using the KRE-502E it allows you to control a Non Remote Control Ready Head unit via a remote control.



1.5m HDMI cable with MHL connector for smartphone connection

Connect your HDMi enabled smartphone (for HTC ONE, Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z, etc)  or portable media player via HDMI connection to enjoy all your video content on the Alpine unit’s high resolution display. Full digital data transfer and the WVGA display ensure excellent image quality.




Add On and Build Up Your System

This compact upgrade instantly boosts the power of your system. Easy to install with no additional wiring, it fits neatly behind your head unit.